SAME Codes and Repeater Coverage

Net - Monday, Wednesday, Friday  - 9 pm. ET


      Frequency - 444.075MHz +OFF SET, PL tone 88.5

   CROWDER'S MOUNTAIN REPEATER - WD4LCF & KD4FRP  Listen when we are Active

      Frequency - 145 . 450MHz -OFF SET, No PL tone


      Frequency - 147.330MHz +OFF SET, PL tone141.3
      Footprint   Linked during activation and nets

Simplex Frequency - 147.510

Weekly VoIP SKYWARN and Hurricane Prep Net is held each Saturday evening at 8pm Eastern during Hurricane season, otherwise it is on the 1st Saturday of each month.  This Net activates whenever tropical weather is posing a threat to U.S. mainland.  Currently, we are not connecting to the net by way of the repeaters.

Listen Here when Active       Click here for site

This feed may have prolonged periods of silence, there is nothing wrong with it. It is mainly active during severe weather events, or for weekly nets on Saturdays.

During hurricanes, you can find the National Hurricane Center on the following frequencies.

Amateur Radio HF Frequencies - (single sideband mode)
20 meters : 14.325 MHz Hurricane Watch Net (Main frequency during Hurricanes)
40 meters : 7.268 MHz Water Way Net (secondary frequency) Maritime Mobiles Net
80 meters : 3.815 MHz Caribbean Net, (Alternates: 3.950 : North Florida / 3.940 South Florida)

Amateur Radio EchoLink / IRLP
EchoLink Conference: "WX-TALK" Node 7203
EchoLink Alternate Conference: "VKEMCOMM"
IRLP Node 9219, Alternate Node: 9508 or 9123

Blue Ridge Coverage Map  ( in revision)



 Catawba  444.075  147.330
 Alexander  147.330  145.450
 Caldwell  147.330  145.450
 Burke  147.330  145.450
 Avery  147.330  145.450
 Mitchell  147.330  145.450
 Yancey  147.330  145.450
 McDowell  147.330  145.450
 Madison  147.330  145.450
 Lincoln  145.450  444.075
 Gaston  145.450  444.075
 Mecklenburg  145.450  444.075
 Buncombe  147.330  145.450
 Cleveland  145.450
 York  145.450
 Others  145.450 444.075



NWS Coverage area and SAME codes

 Click here for NWS Data on NOAA Weather Radio and SAME codes.

 Click here for NWS Same Codes for North Carolina NOAA Weather Radio.

 Click here for NWS Same Codes for South Carollina NOAA Weather Radio.

Blue Ridge Weather Watch - E-Mail: WX4BRW at thebrww dot org